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3rd Triennial National Midwifery Conference, May 4-5, 2019 Call for Abstract Submission



Midwives: Advocates for safe motherhood and reproductive health rights’

45 MAY, 2019 (21-22 Baisakh, 2076)


The Midwifery Society of Nepal (MIDSON) is delighted to invite all interested individuals/organizations to submit an abstract for the Third triennal National Conference on Midwifery. The conference will be held in Kathmandu on 4-5 May, 2019 (21-22 Baishakh, 2076) in conjustion with the International Day of Midwives (IDM) with the theme Midwives: Advocates for safe motherhood and reproductive health rights’.

This conference will bring together nurses, midwives, students, advocates, women`s health and rights activists, and policy makers related to midwifery including stakeholders and partners of MIDSON inclduing those health professionals working in sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn and adolescent health (SRMNAH) in a common platform for the third time to share their knowledge, skills and evidences to uplift midwifery profession within and outside the country. We encourage you to submit abstracts on the following sub-themes. Abstracts can be based on research findings or on programmatic learning.

                     1.      Midwife-led care (pre pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, including                                         new born care)

2.      Midwives and adolescent sexual reproductive health and rights

3.      Respectful maternity care

4.      Midwifery education and accreditation

5.      Enabling environment for midwives (midwifery policy and regulation)

6.      Capacity building and continuing midwifery education

7.      Role of midwives in prevention of reproductive health morbidities, with special focus on uterine prolapse and obstetric fistula

8.      Interprofessional collaboration in strengthening quality of maternity care 

The submission can be made either for an oral or a poster presentation- please mention that in your submission. The deadline for abstract submission is 5:00 PM,, 5 April, 2019. You may submit by sending your abstract to

Sabitri Sapkota, RN, PhD

Coordinator, Scientific Committee

3rd Triennial National Midwifery Conference


  1. The deadline for abstract submission is 5:00 PM, 5 April, 2019
  2. The text of the abstract must be within 250 words. It should include 4-5 key words in alphabetical order.
  3. Both research and programme abstracts should cover background/objectives, methods, findings and conclusion/implications.
  4. The abstract should incorporate either one of the sub-themes mentioned above.
  5. The abstract should be submitted either for oral or poster presentation.
  •  Oral: A 10-minute presentation grouped by theme.
  • P oster: A visual presentation of research with an academic or professional focus by an individual or representatives of research teams for display on a poster board.

         6. Abstracts should be submitted in English.

         7. Abstracts that have previously been published or presented will not be accepted.


  1. Applicants will be notified on acceptance or rejection by 19th April 2019.
  2. An independent panel will review the submitted abstracts. Final decision on abstract acceptance, rejection and allocation for oral or poster presentation will be on the scientific committee.
  3. Once the decision has been rendered on an abstract, no further correspondence will be undertaken on the selection process.
  4. Abstracts submitted beyond the deadline (i.e. 5:00 PM, 5 April, 2019) will not be considered for review.
  5.  Should you have any queries, please write to

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